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Form Processing Services

We will work with you to develop the most suitable approach for streamlining your forms processing needs as cost-effectively as possible. We employ state-of-the-art software for the automatic extraction of information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, dates, bar codes, numbers, and product codes.

Forms processing is a practice by which information entered into data fields is captured and converted into an electronic format. This can be done either manually or electronically.

vPrompt has years of experience creating forms processing solutions for major organizations and companies across the globe. We deal with both structured and non-structured versions of forms processing and JavaScripts, ASP, and CGI scripts so that you can have your pages interacting with your server allowing you to generate dynamic pages, guestbooks, polls, and more.

Forms processing systems can range from the processing of small application forms to large scale survey forms with multiple pages. There are several common issues involved in forms processing when done manually. A great deal of tedious human effort is expended, data keyed in by the user may contain typos, and many hours of labor result from this lengthy process. Outsourcing this work to a company utilizing computer software-driven applications will resolve these issues, producing better results at a lower cost


Our forms processing services include:

  • Form design
  • Documents preparation
  • Resumes
  • HTML
  • CGI forms
  • ASP, JSP and PHP
  • Medical/Insurance claims
  • Bills/invoices
  • Paper form filling
  • Automatic form filling
  • Form scanning
  • Document retrieval
  • Survey/market research forms
  • Consumer applications
  • Product/warranty registration cards
  • Traffic citations
  • Store coupons
  • Rebate forms
  • Questionnaires
  • Documentation for organizations, institutions and firms
  • Translate and transfer paper-based data to computer format
  • Insurance/banking
  • Legacy transcriptions
  • Litigation support
  • Case files and similar legacy documents

vPrompt Quality Standard for Form Processing

Our Quality Assurance Team reviews your work on a basis of 1:1 ratio versus random auditing. In cases where 100% accuracy is required, a re-key verify process is performed.

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