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Conversion Services

Conversion Services
Our proprietary tools and automated processes enable us to efficiently convert your electronic files from any format to any format.

vPrompt’s proprietary tools and automated processes enable us to convert your existing documents quickly and accurately.

We will convert your source materials into any of these useful formats:

  • XML
  • SGML
  • HTML
  • OeB (Open eBook format)
  • ePUB, Mobi, LIT, PDF
  • PoD (Print on Demand) and other eBook formats, with required style sheets (XSL, CSLT, CSS) for all types of books, journals and periodicals in the Medical, Legal, Professional, Scientific/Technical/Mathematical, Academic, Literary, Scholarly and Reference fields for Web-publishing, CD-ROM publishing, and e-Library usage.

vPrompt can convert your paper documents, microfilm or scanned images to full text searchable PDF files. We can convert PDF files to e-Books by placing bookmarks and links in the document.

These processes include:

  • Preparing the document for scanning
  • Scanning the document
  • Capturing the images
  • Selecting images that should not be OCRed
  • Make necessary corrections
  • Printing and off-line proofreading
  • Assembly to PDF books

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This digital video age is full of various video formats. Since developing new proprietary video formats has become the trump card for some software or hardware vendors, the video format list will grow fast and never stop.

vPrompt is well-versed in all processes necessary for successful movie conversions. Among these, the most common conversions are from .MOV files to Windows Media Viewer (.WMV) and .FLV (Flash Live Video).

You are invited to evaluate the quality of our work in this area by requesting a no-cost sample conversion. Please contact us regarding the type of conversion required and complete guidelines for the project.

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