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Data Mining Services

vPrompt coordinates our unique and effective approach to project management and its processes through a staff well-versed in the cross-discipline nature of data mining

Our knowledge of statistics, data mining statistical software, and base statistical software for data manipulation coupled with our extensive experience in a wide variety of vertical markets – banking, insurance, e-commerce, airline, telecom, and retail — makes vPrompt the logical choice for your data mining needs.

Data mining refers to the dozens of techniques and procedures used to examine and transform data. At its core, data mining is the transformation of large amounts of data into meaningful patterns and rules.

Data Mining may be broken down into two types:

  • Directed data mining tries to predict a particular data point — the sales price of a house given information about other houses for sale in the neighborhood, for example.
  • Undirected data mining tries to create groups of data, or find patterns in existing data — creating the “Soccer Mom” demographic group, for example.

Our data mining expertise includes:

  • Identifying and collecting information from targeted websites
  • Creating Excel spreadsheets organizing the gathered data
  • Extracting metadata utilizing our proprietary software
  • Searching online newspapers for the latest pricing information
  • Extracting and summarizing stories from online news sources
  • Gathering precise and updated financial information about competitive firms
  • Pooling market research data and blogged information to learn what users are saying about their latest technological advances

Other Data Mining Services

We use the latest techniques to predict future trends and behavior by analyzing data that allow businesses to make proactive and informed business decisions. Outsource data extraction services to vPrompt as we have the expert technical know-how of extracting valuable information to deliver in-depth insights to your organization.

We are aware that every business has distinct requirements, and thus, data mining for each business is carried out separately using unique techniques such as Data Mining for Fraud Detection, Competitor Analysis, Customer Segmentation, Metadata Extraction, Data Interpretation, and Data Mining for Marketing Channel Optimization.

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