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Data Processing Services

In order to be processed by a computer, data needs first be converted into a machine-readable format. Once the data is in digital format, various procedures can be applied to the data to produce useful information.

Data processing may involve various processes, including:

  • Data summarization
  • Data aggregation
  • Data validation
  • Data tabulation
  • Statistical analysis

vPrompt provides customized business data processing services that adhere to international standards in terms of precision and timely execution. We specialize in capturing, digitizing, and processing data from various input sources including hard copy, e-mails, images, web forms, and electronic files. Our experienced project managers and staff work with both electronic and print formats utilizing scripts that automate the process of converting the source from an electronic format to the desired output.


Data processing can be termed as a superset of all data management services which includes the following offered by vPrompt:

  • Online/Offline Data Entry
  • Data capturing / OCR Scanning
  • Data conversion / Data Digitization
  • Forms processing
  • Cataloging /e-Cataloging
  • Promotional product entry
  • Data Mining
  • Updating the records at frequent intervals
  • Managing the Database along with reporting
  • Data archiving and managing the archives

A number of application files can be used as sources. Among these are Word documents, PDF files, Excel files, and application files such as Quark, Frame Maker, Page Maker, InDesign, TeX, Ventura, and Text files. For data available only in print format, we use our scanning facilities to convert the paper into digital format and then convert it further to the desired output.

Through our large volume data processing services, we aim to help business owners in extracting critical data from a number of sources, exporting it in multiple file formats like XML, CSV, etc., to be easily uploaded in any electronic document management system, CMS, CRM, ERP, etc., and gaining richer insights into business and customer trends, which consequently help in making informed decisions, streamlining business processes and boosting marketing efforts.

Expertise: Our professionals are equipped to handle large-volume data processing, thus helping you save the company’s cost, time as well as efforts. We can handle highly intricate publishing solutions including texts, newsletters, journals, and mathematical and scientific books. When you provide us hard copy files, we use advanced scanning tools to convert them into digital files, which are proofread by highly experienced editors to ensure 99.995% accuracy.

Quality Services: We are ISO 9001 Certified for Quality Management System, delivering superior quality data processing services across the globe.

Data Security: We maintain complete data security and confidentiality, ensuring your business-critical data is safe with us.

24/7 Availability: Our data processing specialists work in shifts and are available round-the-clock to provide assistance, as and when you need it.

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