New EPUB for Education Draft Released

Student2nd Editors Draft of the EPUB for Education Profile has been released.  Digital content in education has the potential to significantly improve learning outcomes, as it can better support accessibility, adapt to individual learning modes, increase engagement and experiential learning through interactivity, provide immediate assessments and analytics, and increase social connectivity.

The EPUB for Education profile defined in this specification represents the effort to adapt the functionality of the EPUB® 3 format to the unique structural, semantic and behavioral requirements of educational publishing.

The profile builds on the EPUB 3 specification in the following ways:

  • It adds semantics for common educational publishing components and structures.
  • It defines how to include content that may be created external to the narrative text workflow, such as interactives and assessment (e.g., QTI).
  • It includes accessibility features to enable compliance with educational standards.
  • It enables the identification of discrete content entities.
  • It allows the embedding of shared educational scriptable components.
  • It adds support for annotations.
  • It defines guidelines for the production and inclusion of images.

The full draft is online now: EPUB for Education Editor’s Draft – 11 February 2016

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From 1930’s “Readies” to Modern eBooks

While many know that the paperback book came to us in the 1930s, few know that the concept for electronic books arose at the same time. According to Wikipedia, the idea of the e-reader came to writer and impresario Bob Brown after watching his first “talkie” (movies with sound). In 1930, he wrote an entire book on this invention and titled it “The Readies” [/reed-eeze/] playing off the name of the “talkie.”

ebook-formatsWrote Brown: “The written word hasn’t kept up with the age… The movies have outmaneuvered it. We have the talkies, but as yet no Readies.” He explained why it was needed, saying: “To continue reading at today’s speed, I must have a machine.” He described his ideal future e-reader as: “A simple reading machine which I can carry or move around, attach to any old electric light plug and read hundred-thousand-word novels in 10 minutes if I want to, and I want to.” Furthermore, this machine would “allow readers to adjust the type size and avoid paper cuts.”

It would take over 40 years for Brown’s prescient vision to become reality.

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