Ongoing Website Maintenance

Your company’s website is usually a potential client’s initial introduction to your services. As both search engines and visitors prefer to access the most current websites, the importance of adding new and original content on a continuing basis cannot be over-emphasized.

Regular maintenance to update content and graphics, describe new product and service offerings, announce internal and external company modifications and implement new technologies must be handled in a timely and ongoing manner to ensure that you receive the highest return on your website investment.

Basic website maintenance can include:

  • Review and updating of current pages to ensure product and service information is current
  • Monitoring of for both internal and external links for accuracy and validity
  • Provide maintenance at the server, application and page levels
  • Maintain and optimization of databases to ensure the best possible site performance
  • Guarantee ongoing cross-browser compatibility
  • Audit and maintain page titles for relevance and SEO performance
  • Ongoing location and replacement of invalid or deprecated HTML tags
  • Monitor version monitoring for non-HTML content such as PDFs or other downloadables
  • Ongoing maintenance and patching for security maintenance
  • Form maintenance for contact management and data collection
  • Ongoing monitoring of web standards to ensure your site stays current with web standards
Website Design and Maintenance

Ongoing Website Maintenance Matters

A website is a dynamic piece of software running on a server. In addition to general updating, your site also requires regular scheduled maintenance to ensure its availability and optimal performance. Our maintenance plans are tailored for each client based on individual and specific needs.

Our client-dedicated professional programmers are there when you need them. We look forward to developing a customized maintenance plan for your organization.

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