Prepress Services

Prepress is the term used in the printing and publishing industries for the processes and procedures that occur between the creation of a print layout and the final printing. The prepress procedure includes the manufacture of a printing plate, image carrier or form, ready for mounting on a printing press, as well as the adjustment of images and texts or the creation of a high-quality print file.

In today’s prepress shop, the form of delivery is electronic in the form of a PDF or application files created from such programs as Scribus, Adobe InDesign or QuarkXPress.

vPrompt performs a complete range of Prepress services including copy editing and typesetting for scholarly, scientific, technical and medical books, and journals (STM). Our highly skilled staff uses the latest software to provide the high quality and accurate results  at affordable prices.

We can help you streamline every stage of the publication process by helping with:

  • Composition
  • Copy editing
  • Text processing
  • Formatting
  • Technical editing
  • Pagination
  • Proofreading
  • Quality Control
  • Indexing
  • Artwork handling
  • Responding to author queries
  • Cover page designing
Prepress Services