End-to-End Publishing Services

vPrompt is a comprehensive end-to-end publishing services provider offering a wide range of Editorial, Content Production (Typesetting), Digitization and Graphics solutions for all types of books, journals, periodicals and newspapers in both STM (scientific-technical-medical) and non-STM domains.

We facilitate Publishers, University Presses, Educational Institutions (Libraries & Press), Government Agencies and Corporations manage large volumes of content through the employment of new digital publishing channels by designing and deploying optimized content workflows that improve time-to-market, lower production costs and help generate new revenue streams.

We employ professionals in a wide variety of specialties to ensure that we have the skill and talent on hand to help with the diverse facets of digital publishing. We also offer Prepress Services and start-to-finish eBook Creation solutions.

Our highly skilled staff uses InDesign, Quark Xpress, Page Maker, Frame Maker and MS-Word to provide the highest accuracy and cost efficiency.

We streamline each stage of the publication process by assisting with:

  • Composition
  • Copy editing
  • Text processing
  • Formatting
  • Technical editing
  • Pagination
  • Proof reading
  • Quality Control
  • Indexing
  • Artwork handling
  • Responding to author queries
  • Cover page design

End-to-End Publishing Services
  • vPrompt remains operational amidst the Covid-19 challenges
  • Our business continuity plan is fully in place and allows our teams to conduct 'business as usual' remotely and safely
  • For any questions, please Contact info@vPrompt.com or Call +91 970 419 7000 (India)