Data Entry: Manual Keyboarding and Online Data Entry

Data EntryOutsourcing your data entry work to a reliable business process outsourcing company like vPrompt is a wise decision because it allows your internal staff to focus on your core business.

Manual Keyboarding

vPrompt’s off-shore outsourcing practices provide cost effective and accurate data entry services. Our experienced staff is familiar with all aspects of the keying process, and is regularly able to obtain accuracy rates as high as 99.995%. As with all our conversion processes our clients are guaranteed 100% confidentiality.

Our offline outsourcing services include data entry from:

  • Hard / soft copy to any database format
  • Handwritten materials
  • e-Books / e-Magazines
  • Legal documents / Insurance claim forms
  • Scanned pages (image)
  • Registration forms
  • Invoices / Receipts
  • Hospital records, patient notes and accident reports
  • Any type of double key / manual data entry

Online Data Entry

vPrompt provides cost effective, accurate and confidential online data entry services. We have extensive expertise in delivering data entry (text and forms based), data capture services using OCR/ICR technology, bi-compare and tri-compare validation programs and double character validation programs.

Our experienced data entry operators, skilled quality control specialists, professional keyboard operations and handwriting analysis, exceptional Internet connectivity and advanced data entry software ensure that we attain the accepted standard of 99.995% accuracy within the specified turnaround period.

We are equipped to handle a wide range of volume — from small to very large projects — for any type of data capture project. In many cases, overnight delivery is possible.

Our online outsourcing services include data entry from:

  • Paper
  • Books / Magazines
  • Images
  • Copying, pasting, editing, sorting
  • Catalogs
  • Any type of original content
Our data capturing outsourcing services include:

  • Website data capturing or extraction
  • Web data capturing from bank / financial statements
  • Data capturing from Insurance claims / medical claims / credit card applications
  • Any type of real time data extraction / capturing work

  • vPrompt remains operational amidst the Covid-19 challenges
  • Our business continuity plan is fully in place and allows our teams to conduct 'business as usual' remotely and safely
  • For any questions, please Contact or Call +91 970 419 7000 (India)