We hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season this year. In the spirit of Christmas, we would like to give you this gift from all of us at vPrompt eServices.  Our eBook team has painstakingly recreated The Children’s Book of Christmas, J.C. Dier’s 1911 anthology of works about Christmas through the ages and in various countries.

This carefully restored book contains all the original stories, essays, poems, and carols as well as the original color and black and white illustrations.  We hope you will enjoy sharing this book with the young people in your life as well as anyone who is interested in history and would like to better understand Christmas customs from a century ago.

A Sample of Chapters

  • IS THERE A SANTA CLAUS? – The famous editorial by the late Frank P. Church of the New York Sun in which he answers Virginia O’Hanlon’s question: “Is there a Santa Claus?”
  • CHRISTMAS GREENS – Adapted from Some Curiosities of Popular Customs by William S. Walsh.
  • I SAW THREE SHIPS COME SAILING IN – A Kentish Version of an old English Christmas Carol.
  • THE ANGELS AND THE SHEPHERDS – The Gospel Story as in the Children’s Series of the Modern Reader’s Bible.
  • WHILE SHEPHERDS WATCHED – The famous Christmas hymn written in about 1700 and attributed to Nahum Tate.
  • STROOIAVOND IN HOLLAND – Adapted from Holland by Beatrix Jungman in the Peeps at Many Lands Series.
  • KEEPING CHRISTMAS IN THE OLD WAY – From an entertaining old pamphlet published in 1740.
  • WHEN CHRISTMAS WAS NOT MERRY – Compiled from Christmas: Its Origin and Associations by W. F. Dawson.
  • GOING HOME FOR CHRISTMAS – From Old Christmas at Bracebridge Hall by Washington Irving.
  • GOD REST YOU MERRY GENTLEMEN – An Old English Carol.
  • THE DATE OF RUSSIA’s CHRISTMASTIDE – Compiled from general sources, and in part from Russia by L. Edna Walter.

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