Anyone who frames a question about book publishing as print vs. ebooks as though they are mutually exclusive may be missing the point.  Reading is a very personal activity.  Each reader has their own preferences and there is no right answer.  Any publisher who doesn’t publish in both print and digitally will probably miss out on connecting with some readers.

Just like digital watches have not replaced all analog watches, ebooks are a long ways from replacing all print books. That fact in no way minimizes the importance of publishers releasing good quality books in electronic form.

At Niall McCarthy asks: “Do Readers Really Prefer Their Dusty Old Paperbacks To E-Books?

Today, 23 percent of all male adults and 33 percent of all female adults in the United States read e-books. In fact, the global e-book industry is worth a whopping $8.5 billion.

This still pales in comparison to global print’s $53.9 billion so it’s little surprise readers still prefer holding those dusty old paperbacks. 46 percent of U.S. Internet users said they only read printed books while 15 percent read more e-books than printed books. A mere 6 percent of Internet users said they exclusively read their books in electronic format.

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