Jonathan Kranz, a copywriter and columnist, has put together an excellent report on the use of eBooks to allow businesses and other organizations to communicate more effectively with their customers and patrons.

In The eBook eBook: How to turn your expertise into magnetic marketing material, Kranz provides simple and clear guidance on who should and should not use this technique as well as solid information on the benefits of using eBooks in marketing.

His book opens with an idea that is often missed by people focused on traditional online and print marketing. The best way to show off your value to potential customers is not with a new brochure or magazine or website ad. What your business can do won’t fit on a banner ad or a tri-fold brochure, but you can really showcase your expertise in a well crafted eBook that you release to prospects and site visitors under an open license.

As more and more customers and clients turn to the Web to research important purchasing decisions, they’re looking for genuinely useful information that can help them plan, work and succeed. If you’re prepared to give it to them, they’ll give you something in return: respect. You become the credible authority in your industry or area of business. And once you’ve captured a share of your prospects’ minds, you’re much better positioned to capture a share of their budgets as well. (Jonathan Kranz)

What can an ebook do for you?

An ebook turns your invisible expertise into a tangible object you can place in your prospects’ hands. Here’s what it can accomplish:

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  • Lead generation: An attractive, relevant ebook is a powerful incentive to respond that attracts qualified prospects. One of my clients turned an investment in the low five figures into an ebook campaign that drew 1,200 qualified leads which, in turn, led to more than $1.2 million in new business.
  • Positive press: A great ebook gives the media something to talk about: you. ExpressPoint’s 8 Ways to Save on Freight and Fuel ebook was featured in an article on Retail Solutions Online that became one of its top ten news stories for 2008.
  • Expert status: An ebook tells your prospects that you’re a credible player. When St. Jacques Marketing shifted its focus to franchises, its St. Jacques Big Thirty Benchmark Report of Franchise Marketers won praise from the leading franchise association—and positioned St. Jacques as the agency for franchisors and franchisees.
  • Web and social media catalyst: To date, David Meerman Scott’s ebook, The New Rules of PR, has received more than a quarter of a million downloads. The subsequent print book, The New Rules of Marketing and PR, became one of 2007’s biggest business book bestsellers and has been translated into 23 different languages.
  • Pipeline accelerator: An ebook can be the ideal push-over piece that moves fence-sitters into action—and into the close. After sharing the 9 Noble Truths of Customer Experience, Gomez closed deals with a number of customers they had been pursuing for months.


With ordinary writing skills and a hunger to reach new customers, you can turn your know-how into compelling content. This ebook will help you every step on the way, from identifying your subject to promoting your finished project. You’ll learn how to dig for great ideas…tell captivating stories…organize your thoughts…and, most importantly, move readers into a deeper engagement with you and your organization. (Jonathan Kranz)

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