PW ReportPublisher’s Weekly has just released its 2014 special report on digital publishing solutions in India. The report offers a glimpse at the latest technologies available from Indian businesses like vPrompt. We are pleased to have been featured in the report and to have one of our projects selected for their Digital Solutions in India 2014 Projects Showcase.

Show Case Project: vPrompt eServices

A job to convert more than 45,000 pages (around 150 books) into XML in 15 days–requiring three times the normal capacity for this client–saw vPrompt working around the clock with several dedicated project managers liaising with the client’s offices in the U.S. and U.K. The project–divided into simple, medium and complex processes–came with elaborate guidelines and stringent quality requirements. In addition, the entire conversion process had to be taken through the client’s proprietary content management system, adding another layer of complexity.

For another client, the team developed a customized application to convert PDF-based source files into multiple outputs. In the process, they reduced manual intervention by more than half, cut down reworks and compressed the turnaround time from two weeks to one.

From the Report: vPrompt eServices

Some of the highlights for eight-year-old Hyderabad-based vPrompt in 2013 were the acquisition of a new facility in New Delhi and addition of another 300 production people. “Our revenue more than doubled, with significantly increased volume of work from major clients,” says president and CEO Ameet Chauhaan, adding that their capabilities in foreign language data processing, HTML5 production and mobile app development have been strengthened and expanded further. “We pride ourselves on our flat hierarchy and quick response. Our dedicated client service, for instance, enables clients to interact directly with our production line managers for continual updates on project status. For clients, nothing is more frustrating than being put on hold and not knowing what is happening to their projects.”

vPrompt at London Book Fair 2014

vPrompt at the London Book Fair 2014

Hyderabad has no other major player of vPrompt’s size offering composition services. The location gives the company an edge, as Hyderabad is about 15% less expensive than Delhi and other major Indian cities in terms of entry-level wages. “But cost will eventually go up and nullify any cost advantage. So we have been investing in technology to reduce manual work and to achieve cost-effectiveness in production workflows. This investment will offset future increases in manpower costs,” adds T. Giriraj, senior director for strategic planning.

Presently, 80% of vPrompt’s business comes from the U.S., mostly for XML work and e-book processing. “We are a one-stop shop for all types of publishing and content processes, such as data entry, art creation, conversion, structured copy editing of all content types, automated page composition and XML processing for e-publications,” says managing director Ajay Srivastava, who recently brought in industry veteran Byron Laws as v-p for business development and account management. “Our New Delhi office serves as a client hub, as many clients prefer not to make the longer trip to Hyderabad, while most software related and full-project management services are handled by our Hyderabad facility. Both facilities will undergo further expansion this year with newer and faster services to better meet client demands.”

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