When an organization has been around a few years members start to see a buildup of documents.  No matter how eagerly the idea of a “paperless workplace” is embraced, there will always be materials that need to be managed.

Digitization can play a big role in managing these materials.  Getting a handle on what needs to be done, before your organization is swamped by a wave of old documents, is key to efficient document management.

It is important to approach digitization as a series of choices where a variety of factors come into play.

When selecting material for digitization, your organization should answer three simple questions about the material under consideration:

  • Does it need to be converted?
  • Who would benefit from the conversion?
  • Can it be successfully converted in a useful way?

Answering these questions will help your organization when it is time to look at technical feasibility, usability issues, and prioritizing materials to be converted.

A VPrompt representative can help you make these decisions.


Citi/Citigroup has produced this infographic to help you understand what needs to be kept and what can be destroyed.

Scan, Shred, or Store