N Madhavan, in the Hindustan Times, wrote about the maturing e-book industry in India.  As the e-book market grows, India’s digital service firms are playing an important role in growing the sector:

New Delhi World Book FairWhen I visited the New Delhi World Book Fair last year, I came back with a whiff of e-books… This year, the digital book and knowledge revolution has caught on even more. There were a number of stalls advertising products and services that showed a quick maturing of the industry. …Helped by industry standards like ePub and Adobe’s Flash and PDF files, IT and e-commerce service firms are moving into make e-publishing easy for both established publishers and self-publishing authors alike. They are obviously aided by the explosion in the sale of tablet devices that are widening the customer base.Such service providers serve as one-stop shops for publishers and authors to convert their books into various formats that go with a variety of devices such as Amazon’s Kindle, Apple’s iPads and an array of Android devices.

For example, vPrompt helps convert source materials to formats such as the OeB (Open eBook format), besides ePub, Mobi and PoD (print on demand).

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