One-fifth (21 percent) of all German citizens read e-books. This became evident in the results of a recent study by BITKOM, a wide-ranging network that brings together the best minds and top companies of the digital world.

The survey interviewed 2,500 people on their use of e-books and found that up to 29 percent had used e-book technology of some kind with 21 percent doing so regularly. BITKOM notes that three-quarters of all Germans read books of any kind. According to the survey, 27 percent of e-book skeptics say they will probably read digital books at some point in the future. It also notes that the base of devices that are well suited for reading e-books is growing rapidly.

BITKOM forecasts about 8 million tablet computers and 832,000 special e-book readers will be sold in Germany in 2013. BITKOM vice president Achim Berg says, “Tablet computers are expected to become the most important media unit – and they will also be used for e-books.”

The survey results showed little difference in the e-book usage between women (21 percent) and men (22 percent). In a comparison across the generations it found the differences to be moderate as well. At the age of 14 and 29, the percentage of e-book readers stands at 25 percent while 26 percent of respondents 30-49 years read e-books. A slightly lower rate of 19 percent was found in the 50 to 64 age group. For participants 65 or older it dropped to 12 percent.

While reading on e-book devices and tablets are growing, the majority of e-book usage occurred on computers.

German eBook Usage

German eBook Usage

The full E-Books 2013 survey report is available (in German) for 250 Euros.