Luke Mansell is head of public sector for outsourcing advisory ISG, where his responsibilities include service integration and management.

In this article he produced for Information Age he discusses the three key stages involved in getting excellent results from a multi-sourced project.  He addresses the challenges and pitfalls that can stem from Contract development, Transitioning and transforming, and Ongoing operations.

He closes his article with a useful set of tips for success.

In IT and business process outsourcing, the practice of using multiple suppliers – or multi-sourcing – is becoming increasingly popular, as organisations seek to leverage best-of-breed capabilities and match specialist service providers to specific business requirements.

But managing multiple providers in a complex organisation is easier said than done.

The key challenge is ensuring cooperation and collaboration among a diverse team of providers with a wide range of capabilities, skill sets and areas of responsibility. A common pitfall of multi-sourcing is a lack of accountability and ownership across provider teams. Given how agreements are typically structured, it is in the provider’s best interest to divert problem ownership to other providers, leading to unconstructive finger-pointing.

via How to make multi-sourcing work at Information Age.