The Greener Ideal took a look at the eBook revolution that has been underway for the last few years. The wide adoption of Amazon Kindle Fire devices, Apple iOS devices, and Android based tablets and phones have put eBook reading capabilities hands of many more people than the original dedicated eReaders ever could.

Ebooks and PaperAs the sale of these devices have grown the publishing industry has risen to meet the demand for portable electronic books that are engaging and a pleasure to use.

The next place we should see major growth in ebook adoption will be in schools. Paper textbooks are expensive to produce and can quickly become out of date. eTextbooks, on the other hand, can be easily updated without students or schools needing to go out and purchase new printed copies.

Between 2009 and 2012 eBooks grew from a 1.6 percent market share to 20 percent. According to researcher PwC, digital publishing will surpass the print market by 2017.

In addition to the benefits listed above, Greener Ideal has produced a list of 6 Environmental Benefits of eTextbooks.

  1. Less Tree Cutting
  2. Less Pollution
  3. Less Waste
  4. Less Space
  5. Fewer Box Stores
  6. Less Wear and Tear

It is important that when looking at the environmental impact of ebooks that we consider the resources and pollution involved in producing the device itself. This list from Greener Ideal is based on the idea that readers will already have their devices for other purposes before using them for eTextbooks.

Visit their article for detailed reasons why eTextbooks are safer for the environment.

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