About UsYour website’s “About Us” page often gives your potential customer’s their first impression of your company.  Put our expert Website Services team to work for your organization to ensure you make a great first impression.

Five Tips to Improve Your “About Us” Page

Inc.com has a great set of tips for putting your About Us page to work.

The About Us page should answer the critical question nearly every new visitor and potential customer asks: “Who are you?” When someone is thinking about buying from or engaging with your company, chances are they want to know a little more about you. The “about” section is an opportunity to highlight your history, personality, accolades and more. It’s a glimpse into your company beyond what’s on your product pages.

Quick Summary

  1. Tell a Story – Keep it short, but tell the story of your business, your team, and your company culture.
  2. Let your Personality Shine – Potential customers want to work with people they can relate to so don’t be afraid to show your personality – quirks and all.
  3. Us = People – People want to work with other people – not a nameless and faceless front. Let your About Us page show that real people stand behind your words.
  4. Don’t Hide it! – Make sure your About Us page is easy to spot. Here at vPrompt our About Us page is the 5th most visited page on entire site.
  5. Include Roadsigns – Make sure your About Us page can act as an easy guide to lead potential customers to the products and services that you offer.

Read the full article at Nail Your Company About Us Page: 5 Tips.

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