Positions Open: Artwork Operators and Graphics Designers

Graphic DesignVPrompt requires 1) Artwork Operators and 2) Graphics Designers to join us immediately in Hyderabad.

  • Candidate should have 3 years working experience in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe In-Design
  • Candidate should preferably have printing knowledge with some exposure to designing Packaging Artwork.
  • Freshers with Printing Diploma can apply as well.

Send your CV to Ameet Chauhaan at achauhaan@vprompt.com. Please do not forget to mention your present and expected salary.

Note: These positions are for vPrompt Hyderabad.

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From 1930’s “Readies” to Modern eBooks

While many know that the paperback book came to us in the 1930s, few know that the concept for electronic books arose at the same time. According to Wikipedia, the idea of the e-reader came to writer and impresario Bob Brown after watching his first “talkie” (movies with sound). In 1930, he wrote an entire book on this invention and titled it “The Readies” [/reed-eeze/] playing off the name of the “talkie.”

ebook-formatsWrote Brown: “The written word hasn’t kept up with the age… The movies have outmaneuvered it. We have the talkies, but as yet no Readies.” He explained why it was needed, saying: “To continue reading at today’s speed, I must have a machine.” He described his ideal future e-reader as: “A simple reading machine which I can carry or move around, attach to any old electric light plug and read hundred-thousand-word novels in 10 minutes if I want to, and I want to.” Furthermore, this machine would “allow readers to adjust the type size and avoid paper cuts.”

It would take over 40 years for Brown’s prescient vision to become reality.

Continue at The History of eBooks from 1930’s “Readies” to Today’s GPO eBook Services

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Taking a Global View of Book Publishing

With the new report “Global Trends in Publishing“, the Frankfurt Book Fair Business Club has produced an overview of current developments in the international book market. The report’s author is the well-known industry expert Rüdiger Wischenbart.

From the Introduction

This white paper presents a range of key figures and perspectives to illustrate the forces influencing the transformation of the international book business. Book publishing is undergoing a profound transformation.

Global Trends in Publishing 2014While the transition from print to digital provides the most headlines, the process of change is in fact more complex. This is because digitization, as the driving force, is being reinforced by globalization in an industry that has traditionally been very strongly subject to national and linguistic borders. The transformation of the book business is also embedded in the wider context of the digitization value chain affecting all the content industries. New, genuinely digital actors have entered the marketplace, with Google, Apple and Amazon only the most visible examples.

Meanwhile, each link in the value chain has seen the emergence of new players, the adaptation of old ones – including some in neighbouring fields – and the development of new competition between local (or regional) actors and the global players that are now making massive inroads.

The main focus of this paper is on trade publishing, with only a few references made to the professional and scientific, medical and technical (STM) sectors, or to educational publishing. At the same time, it is also important to look at book publishing within the wider context of other media and entertainment sectors, although a full comparative analysis exceeds the scope of our approach.

While the paper certainly falls short of being a map of the often turbulent waters we all need to navigate, we nevertheless hope to have provided the reader with a helpful overview – with a set of coordinates that will encourage a realistic understanding and support a meaningful debate.

Download the white paper at Global Trends in Publishing 2014.

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